Published and submitted

  1. T. Elder, T. Twohig, H. Singh, and A. B. Croll. Adhesion of a tape loop. Soft Matter, 16:10611–10619, 2020.
  2. P. Grandgeorge, C. Baek, H. Singh, P. Johanns, T. G. Sano, A. Flynn, J. H. Maddocks, and P. M. Reis. Mechanics of two filaments in tight contact: The orthogonal clasp. under review.
  3. H. Singh and J. A. Hanna. Pseudomomentum: origins and consequences. under review.
  4. N. A. Corbin, J. A. Hanna, W. R. Royston, H. Singh, and R. B. Warner. Impact-induced acceleration by obstacles. New Journal of Physics, 20:053031, 2018.
    Perspective: “Acquiring momentum: simple strategies by simple objects”.
    arXiv and journal
  5. J. A. Hanna, H. Singh, and E. G. Virga. Partial constraint singularities in elastic rods. Journal of Elasticity, 133:105–118, 2018.
    arXiv and journal
  6. H. Singh and J. A. Hanna. On the planar elastica, stress, and material stress.  Journal of Elasticity, 136:87–101, 2019.
    arXiv and journal
  7. H. Singh and J. A. Hanna. Pick-up and impact of flexible bodies. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 106:46–59, 2017.
    arXiv and journal

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