Published and submitted

  1. H. Singh and E. G. Virga. Bending and stretching in a narrow ribbon of nematic polymer networks. [arXiv:2209.01388].
    arXiv and journal
  2. H. Singh. Planar equilibria of an elastic rod wrapped around a circular capstan. Journal of Elasticity, 151: 321–346, 2022.
    arXiv and journal
  3. H. Singh and E. G. Virga. A ribbon model for nematic polymer networks. Journal of Elasticity, 2022.
    arXiv and journal
  4. H. Singh and J. A. Hanna. Pseudomomentum: origins and consequences. Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Physik, 72:122, 2021.
    arXiv and journal
  5. P. Grandgeorge, C. Baek, H. Singh, P. Johanns, T. G. Sano, A. Flynn, J. H. Maddocks, and P. M. Reis. Mechanics of two filaments in tight orthogonal contact. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118:e2021684118, 2021.
    arXiv and journal
  6. T. Elder, T. Twohig, H. Singh, and A. B. Croll. Adhesion of a tape loop. Soft Matter, 16:10611–10619, 2020.
  7. H. Singh and J. A. Hanna. On the planar elastica, stress, and material stress.  Journal of Elasticity, 136:87–101, 2019.
    arXiv and journal
  8. N. A. Corbin, J. A. Hanna, W. R. Royston, H. Singh, and R. B. Warner. Impact-induced acceleration by obstacles. New Journal of Physics, 20:053031, 2018.
    Perspective: “Acquiring momentum: simple strategies by simple objects”.
    arXiv and journal
  9. J. A. Hanna, H. Singh, and E. G. Virga. Partial constraint singularities in elastic rods. Journal of Elasticity, 133:105–118, 2018.
    arXiv and journal
  10. H. Singh and J. A. Hanna. Pick-up and impact of flexible bodies. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 106:46–59, 2017.
    arXiv and journal

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